Our software

Our software

Our experts performed a wide range of research and developed an impressive multifaceted software which is comprised of six applications. All programs can be used separately or in conjunction with each other, which provides the maximum level of efficiency.

EyeComTec has successfully developed and published the following programs:


ECTkeyboard – a virtual keyboard for typing. This program can be controlled with one single button. ECTkeyboard is the perfect choice as for fully paralyzed patients, as well as for those with reduced or partially-retained motor activity.


ECTtracker – an eye-tracking program that allows tracking of the eyes (open or closed state). This program can also be used to track distinguishable movements, for example mimics, gestures, or movement.ECTtrackercan assign key codes to various states, sending these codes to any controlling application. Users are able to control their computer and even type by using any movement such as opening the mouth, lifting the corners of the lips, moving the eyebrows or even changing gaze direction.


ECTlistener – an application that analyzes the power and duration of sound captured by the microphone. This program allows various keystrokes to be emulated in conjunction with the level of intensity and duration of sound. This application suits those who have lost their ability to talk coherently. Any correctly-controlled sound can be used as a source signal: moaning, breathing, and so on.


ECTmouse – a full-fledged emulator of all possible mouse actions, which can be controlled with keyboard buttons. This program provides more comfort in the operation of computers for those with limited motor activity, and who can’t use traditional data input manipulators.


ECTcamera – an application that acquires a video stream from the camera. Any laptop web-camera or other external video capturing device can be used. This program is used in conjunction with ECTtracker and ECTkeyboard.


ECTmorse – an application that is used to type using Morse code.

Our company is dedicated to the needs of people with disabilities and those with significantly limited motor activity. All EyeComTec software is developed for those with different levels of motor freedom. We create unique programs which makes it possible for those who suffer from significantly reduced motor activity, including fully paralyzed patients, to communicate as normally as is possible.